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The About Us
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The ALC's Mission 
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The purpose of the ALC is to provide an alternative setting in which any student may discover academic success when he/she becomes unable to perform in a traditional school situation.

Our goals are to provide a structured situation through which a student can maximize his/her academic potential and accelerate learning so that the student may gain credits to achieve a high school diploma, to modify behavior and promte mutual respect.

We shall offer developmentally appropriate challenges and experiences for social and academic growth in a safe and positive environment. By empowering collaborate relationships between parents, students, staff, and community, we shall establish and maintain open channels for communication.

Instructional Program
All District AEPs provide the required academic core subjects of reading, English/language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. In addition, exploratory courses (at the option of each campus) are offered in PE/health, art, vocational education, technology applications, and career awareness and investigation. All AEPs provide a self-discipline course that includes, but is not limited to: the Boys Town social skills, conflict resolution, drug and violence education, and others. The instructional program is delivered in a full academic day.

Behavior Management System
A strong, consistently reinforced behavior management system is essential to student success. The discipline models employed at each AEP are based upon personal worth, self-efficacy, respect for others and self-responsibility. Some campuses employ the Boys Town Social Skills/Motivation model in cooperation with the campus-selected discipline management plan.

Support Services
Each AEP provides student support services that address student behavioral, social and family issues such as conflict resolution, anger management, hygiene and nutrition, goal setting and school attendance. Parent outreach and involvement is a key component of these services. Students placed in AEPs are eligible to participate in District initiatives such as the ACCESS family guidance program. Services that are outside the purview of the AEP are made available to students and their families through a referral process.

Furture Plans
The District will continue to raise the quality of alternative education, which will in turn raise the level of student achievement. The District will seek to accomplish this goal by:

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